screen-shot-2015-12-14-at-9-39-26-pmAnyone in Dakar who speaks English and likes to eat knows about Dakar Eats, a terrific resource for all things culinary in the Senegalese capital. Today, Khady interviewed our very own Kap for the blog and newsletter. An excerpt:

So why did you decide to start a food truck?

For selfish and altruistic reasons! After twelve years in Senegal, I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve had a delicious, ‘complete’ vegetarian meal made from local ingredients in a restaurant. That is, we want some well-thought-out vegetarian and vegan meal options made from the freshest ingredients, as locally as possible.

We also want to support local agriculture and food artisans and celebrate the plethora of amazing Senegalese ingredients, from mangos to moringa, from soow to soursop. We also believe that food is culture, and we want to explore a Senegal beyond thieboudienne, and what it means to combine local ingredients that have ancient histories with modern international cuisine.

Read the interview in full at Dakar Eats.