Keur MoussaFor the second ingredient in our upcoming surprise treat, we took a day trip to Keur Moussa Abbey, about an hour outside of Dakar. The Benedictine monastery is known for its work for the local community as well as its cultivation of fruits, production of koras and goat cheese, and delicious varieties of liqueurs. Our plan was to attend mass and then meet with the Brothers responsible for the cheese and liqueur production.

Alas, in Senegal, things don’t always go according to plan. When we arrived, we learned that it was a special Sunday: the monks were celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Soeurs Servantes des Pauvres at Keur Moussa, and a grand fete was following the extended mass.

We were happy to celebrate with the congregation under blue skies, swept away by their spirituality, the singing, music, and dancing (see the short video below). Luckily, the Abbey regularly delivers to Dakar, so we can get our ingredients back in Dakar — and we’ll speak to the Brothers on another visit. This, too, is the Senegalese way: even if things didn’t go as planned, a solution suggested itself, and everyone had a wonderful day.


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