Cheikh from Bégué Coco

Cheikh from Bégué Coco

Who doesn’t love coconut?

We certainly love coconut! Fresh coconut milk is a key ingredient in several of our main courses, desserts, and smoothies — so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of the first companies we approached for a partnership was Bégué Coco, a social start-up that produces and retails coconut products in Dakar.

How many ways can you enjoy coconut?

Bégué Coco offers coconut water, virgin coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut yogurt, dried coconut as well coconut cosmetics.

With its focus on a fresh, all-natural local product, environmental sustainability, and positive awareness of collective health, Bégué Coco and its founding Jokko association make natural partners for Abracadabra.

What does artisanal coconut production look like?

When we visited Cheikh from Bégué Coco to pick up coconut products for our Tirami-Touba dessert, he introduced us to his coconut shredder and showed us the process of cutting the coconuts open, draining the fresh water (delicious!), and shredding the inside of the fruit for coconut flesh shavings. It’s a surprisingly time-consuming and somewhat dangerous process — you’ll want to watch your fingers closely while operating a coconut shredder.

Why can’t you find Bégué Coco’s edible coconut products in stores?

Cheikh insists that his edible coconut products be 100% natural — which means they don’t keep on store shelves because they’re free of nasty chemicals.

You can find Cheikh and team at organic markets around Dakar several times a week, or order directly from them. Note: you need to pre-order coconut milk, water or flesh for pick-up at the market (or, they deliver!). Find out more on their website.

Cheikh tells us that while Bégué Coco is doing well with private orders and their coconut oil products, their production rate and profits have plenty of room to expand — if there was a daily market for their fresh goods. Enter: you, your appreciation of natural, tasty food — and  the Abracadabra Food Truck! Support our fundraising campaign so we can bring delicious dishes using Bégué Coco’s products to you, and delicious profit to them!