We’ve been on a roll, catering and hosting events all over Dakar and teaming up with wonderful new local partners  — and we thought the least we can do is share some photos!

Meet your friendly bartender! Kids are baking cookies at Melo Patisserie Kap is serving the kids' tasting menu at Maam Samba
Where you there? We had a special after-work all-ages tasting event, featuring delicious new vegetarian creations for kids and adults, at Espace Maam Samba, the fair trade store and auberge in Ngor. Even when we’re not there serving nyebi party salad, coconut cucumber soup, chocolate pudding with peanut and mbourake base, and mini bouye muffins, you should check out their beautiful assortment of clothes, textiles, furnitures, and gifts.

The tasting plate at Maam Samba Ndem lights up the screen at the Reel Repas Deluxe at Maam Samba
For our Reel Repas Deluxe, we returned to Maam Samba, combining 007 with a 3-course meal! Together with our friends from Smokestack, we teamed up to satisfy meat lovers and vegetarians alike: reclining in Maam Samba’s bamboo furniture, guests dug on the smoked chicken carnitas from Smokestack along with Abracadabra’s mango curry, appetizers, desserts, and cocktails while they enjoyed the latest installment of James Bond. Our next Reel Repas is planned for June 3 — watch this space for details!

Brunch is served — at Melo Patisserie

Melo Patisserie just opened in Ngor, offering an amazing variety of authentic European breads, German rolls, and even New York style cronuts! Proprietress Anna Gueyre invited us to host a Magic Brunch in her beautiful space, and we were thrilled to serve Abracadabra’s savory food along with Melo’s sumptuous breakfast spread. Kids made cookies and falafel burgers while their parents enjoyed Melo’s European ambiente and live guitar music for a perfect Sunday morning brunch.

Make sure to check out Melo and Maam Samba when you’re in Ngor — or make them a reason to stop by the neighborhood! We’ll announce new collaborations and events soon, so sign up for our newsletter, follow us on Twitter, or like our Facebook page.

Hope to see & serve you soon!