Abracadabra is back from summer vacation, and we’ve brought a cool surprise back with us: sno cones, the refreshing treat from the American South, otherwise known as Hawaiian Shaved Ice, Kakigōri, and granité glacé.

Sno Cones at ISD

With a beautiful, imported manual cast-iron machine, we’re now shaving ice made from 100% mineral water and flavoring it with delicious local syrups, including bouye, ditakh, pineapple, and of course everyone’s favorite, bissap. It’s the perfect treat for the rainy-season mugginess.

“You’re selling ice in the desert!”

img_20160831_123801-1500Stundents and parents of the International School Dakar are already well acquainted with the delights of Abracadabra sno cones, and you can find us outside their gates several times a week, as well as in other selected locations throughout the city. We’re still exploring new locations and working out a long-term schedule, so let us know where you’d like to see us pop up — and make sure to check Twitter, Instagram or Facebook page for our whereabouts.

We’re also available to shave fresh sno cones at your kid’s birthday party or event, and we’re working on new flavors. These include alcoholic flavors for adult-only events. (May make your office party more interesting than usual!) Mark your calendar: we’ll be preparing deluxe gourmet sno cones at the DKFRM farmer’s market (formerly Lou Bess) on October 1. Coffee lovers, get ready!