The Dakar Farmers Market is back!

The question has been on everyone’s lips for weeks, and now we finally have the answer: the Dakar Farmers Market will return to Marina Bay in Ngor on November 4 — and of course we’ll be there, serving SnoCones and more!

We’re proud to have been part of the success story of the ever-expanding Dakar Farmers Market since February 2016, when we brought our pop-up photo booth — and a month later, when we first introduced Dakar to our mango curry (and promptly sold out.) Ever since, we’ve been delighted by the market’s rapid growth and eventual move to Marina Bay, always happy to meet new and old friends, partners, and exciting vendors on the first Saturday of the month.

Mark your calendars, make sure to follow the market on Facebook — and we hope to see you at Marina Bay on November 4!

Serving Lunch at ASD Market in Almadies


The ASD organic market, an initiative of the Sell-Sellal cooperative of local, organic producers in partnership with Enda Pronat, has been a Dakar mainstay since 2013, serving three locations each week.

We’re proud to announce that we’ll be serving lunch at the ASD market in Almadies tomorrow from 11am to 3pm. The market is located across from LAYU Cafe and the Citydia supermarket.

Our Menu:

Thai Vegetable Bowl with coconut peanut sauce — 2,000 CFA (vegan & mostly organic.)

Carrot & Coconut Soup with a slice of bread + butter/jam — 500 CFA (vegan & mostly organic; not for take-away.)

Afghani Mint Limeade (8 oz) — 500 CFA (organic)

Thai Peanut Bowl

See you tomorrow!

More on the ASD Market and their delivery options at Dakar Eats.

Cooking All Over Town!

We’ve been on a roll, catering and hosting events all over Dakar and teaming up with wonderful new local partners  — and we thought the least we can do is share some photos!

Meet your friendly bartender! Kids are baking cookies at Melo Patisserie Kap is serving the kids' tasting menu at Maam Samba
Where you there? We had a special after-work all-ages tasting event, featuring delicious new vegetarian creations for kids and adults, at Espace Maam Samba, the fair trade store and auberge in Ngor. Even when we’re not there serving nyebi party salad, coconut cucumber soup, chocolate pudding with peanut and mbourake base, and mini bouye muffins, you should check out their beautiful assortment of clothes, textiles, furnitures, and gifts.

The tasting plate at Maam Samba Ndem lights up the screen at the Reel Repas Deluxe at Maam Samba
For our Reel Repas Deluxe, we returned to Maam Samba, combining 007 with a 3-course meal! Together with our friends from Smokestack, we teamed up to satisfy meat lovers and vegetarians alike: reclining in Maam Samba’s bamboo furniture, guests dug on the smoked chicken carnitas from Smokestack along with Abracadabra’s mango curry, appetizers, desserts, and cocktails while they enjoyed the latest installment of James Bond. Our next Reel Repas is planned for June 3 — watch this space for details!

Brunch is served — at Melo Patisserie

Melo Patisserie just opened in Ngor, offering an amazing variety of authentic European breads, German rolls, and even New York style cronuts! Proprietress Anna Gueyre invited us to host a Magic Brunch in her beautiful space, and we were thrilled to serve Abracadabra’s savory food along with Melo’s sumptuous breakfast spread. Kids made cookies and falafel burgers while their parents enjoyed Melo’s European ambiente and live guitar music for a perfect Sunday morning brunch.

Make sure to check out Melo and Maam Samba when you’re in Ngor — or make them a reason to stop by the neighborhood! We’ll announce new collaborations and events soon, so sign up for our newsletter, follow us on Twitter, or like our Facebook page.

Hope to see & serve you soon!

Thank you, ISD!

Thank you, International School of Dakar for being such a fun crowd to serve! We debuted several new dishes at last week’s annual general meeting, and the chocolate pudding and the falafel were the first to go! Contact us if you’d like to book Abracadabra to cater your event.


Reel Repas #2: Akounak & Food!

Reel Repas II

For our second-ever Reel Repas movie and food event, we’re proud to present the Dakar premiere of Christopher Kirkley’s Tamashek Purple-Rain homage Akounak Tedalat Taha Tazoughai, which translates as “Rain the Color of Blue with a Little Red In It.” The first feature film ever shot in Tamashek, the movie stars Tuareg guitar prodigy Mdou Moctar.

The Atlantic says:

Gorgeously shot and, despite the largely amateur cast, surprisingly well-acted. Moctar’s performance might be more muted than the notoriously flamboyant Purple One’s, but he is nonetheless a commanding presence on screen, particularly when he has a guitar in hand. Still, there is a charming, ragtag quality to the film, an impression that’s crystallized in its fumbling, long-winded title.

On Tuesday, April 17, we’ll be serving our magic assortment of appetizers and desserts to complement the movie, along with a themed cocktail. Space is limited, so RSVP now to reserve your spot! See the flier for details.