More Than Just Food

Abracadabra may be all about food and fun, but we also place great importance on our role as a social business. What does that mean?

We make profit of course, but we try hard not to buy ingredients, cook or sell food in ways which harm humans, animals or the environment. We ultimately use our profit to reinvest in local producers and food artisans, as well as hire as many local folks as possible. Promoting local entrepreneurs and alternative food movements is a strength and a pleasure for us.

We support sustainable and responsible value chains and strive to source all of our ingredients locally, with our menu built around seasonal and local availability. Thus, local food artisans (producing added value products) and local growers are the key to our success and to your happiness!

Most of these growers and food artisans are Senegalese. They help us deliver the freshest and most delicious food possible to you — and also benefit from Abracadabra’s reach, popularity, and publicity.

Building a Hub

Abracadabra is beginning to function as a hub for a thriving culinary community: farmers, cheese-makers, oil, jam and wine producers, guest chefs, lodges and hotels supporting local food and sustainable tourism. We have begun running sustainable agriculture and artisanal food tours, and hope to eventually offer culinary fusion classes for local women.

Among our friends are also several artists and musicians who help spread the good vibes associated with good food. We’re hosting events with the mingling of cultures in mind, and we will be doing much more once we have a truck. Our idea? To use the truck and transform the space around it to host pop-up art exhibits, film screenings, and concerts!

Together with our friends and partners, Abracadabra is already transforming Senegal’s bounty into delicious international dishes, and we’re only getting started.

“I think the only way to build Africa is to build for-profit businesses that create opportunities and jobs for the people locally.”


Senegalese Rapper, Producer and Businessman