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ISD Lunch Orders - Week of Nov 20
You can use this form to easily order lunch for an ISD student (or staff!) for the coming week. If you'd like to order for several students, please submit one form for each. NEW! We are now offering our own Abracadabra Bissap Juice as a drink option. Our bissap is made from mineral water and infused with mint — and it's light on the sugar! Please place your order by Sunday, 10pm. Thank you for ordering Abracadabra!
We will send you an invoice for your order.

Monday, November 20

Tuesday, November 21

Wednesday, November 22

Is there anything we should know?
Now available: Cold-Brewed Iced Coffee!

For adults and older students, we now offer delicious cold-brewed iced coffee, made with beans from Dakar’s own Torrefaction Cor Coumba. A cup of iced coffee is 1,000 CFA. The option to add it to your order will show up if you’re ordering a large meal for 9th grade or up.

All of our school lunches for students are free from MSG, peanuts, and high fructose corn syrup. We try to avoid artificial flavors, colorants and preservatives. Vegetables and fruits are sourced from local organic farms when possible.

(b) contains butter · (c) contains cashews · (ch) contains cheese · (e) contains egg · (g) contains gluten · (j) contains yogurt · (m) contains milk/cream

Fresh-pressed fruit cocktails from Femezon

We serve seasonal, fresh fruit cocktails from Femezon, a local producer. These delicious fruit drinks contain no synthetic colorants, aromas or preservatives. We also now offer our own homemade juices, same healthy standards!

Drinks are 750 CFA each for 250ml (or 600 CFA for the reduced monthly subscription).