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Lunch is back!

You can now order Abracadabra lunch for pickup. Orders can be placed for the coming week and picked up at our kitchen in Ngor or at ISD Dakar.

Here’s how it works

Use the form below to order from our weekly menu for as many days as you like. We appreciate you placing your order by Sunday night, 10pm.

You can pick up your Abracadabra meal at our kitchen in Ngor Plage or outside the main gate of the International School Dakar between 12:00-13:00 (see map).

All meals are vegetarian with fresh and mostly local ingredients and come with a dessert. Meals are 4,000 CFA each. We also offer Femezon fruit smoothies for 750 CFA and cold brewed Cor Coumba iced coffee (1,000 CFA).

We serve the meals in our “go green” reusable containers. We ask you to wash out the dishes and bring them back to us as soon as possible — or with your next order.

Please pay in cash when you pick up your order, or pay by Orange Money to 78 125 1908.

For bigger orders or larger groups, we recommend Abracadabra Catering Service.

If you are an ISD student or staff, please use the ISD form to order!

Abracadabra Kitchen


On winter break – see you in 2018!

Order Lunch for Pick-Up

NEW! We are now offering our own Abracadabra Bissap Juice as a drink option. Our bissap is made from mineral water and infused with mint — and it’s light on the sugar! 

All of our meals are free from MSG, peanuts, and high fructose corn syrup. We try to avoid artificial flavors, colorants and preservatives. Vegetables and fruits are sourced from local organic farms when possible.

(b) contains butter · (c) contains cashews · (ch) contains cheese · (e) contains egg · (g) contains gluten · (j) contains yogurt · (m) contains milk/cream

Fresh-pressed fruit cocktails from Femezon

We serve seasonal, fresh fruit cocktails from Femezon, a local producer. These delicious fruit drinks contain no synthetic colorants, aromas or preservatives. We also now offer our own homemade juices, same healthy standards!

Drinks are 750 CFA each for 250ml

Cold-Brewed Iced Coffee!

Try our delicious cold-brewed iced coffee, made with beans from Dakar’s own Torrefaction Cor Coumba.

Our Values


100% vegetarian. We’re very conscious of where our food comes from and who’s making it. We have vegan and gluten-free options available as well.


Abracadabra promotes local agriculture, local culinary artisans, and alternative food movements. Food is culture, and we introduce both to Dakar's international crowd.


We strive to be socially and environ­mentally responsible. We know we can’t do it all on a budget in a country with little sus­tain­able infra­­structure, but we try!


We make magic from what others pass up: Senegal’s amazing array of edible treasures! We put local twists on popular international cuisine.

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