Magic Food
Kap and Jürgen - Team Abracadabra

Established in Dakar in 2016, Abracadabra Magic Food serves vibrant vegetarian and vegan dishes. Our curries, soups, salads, noodle dishes, desserts, snow cones, and drinks are all made of mostly local ingredients.

Lunch Delivery

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Kids Meals

Serving student lunch at ISD and by pre-order.

Sno Cones

Select locations around Dakar — or at your next party!

Our Values


100% vegetarian. We’re very conscious of where our food comes from and who’s making it. We have vegan and gluten-free options available as well.


Abracadabra promotes local agriculture, local culinary artisans, and alternative food movements. Food is culture, and we introduce both to Dakar's international crowd.


We strive to be socially and environ­mentally responsible. We know we can’t do it all on a budget in a country with little sus­tain­able infra­­structure, but we try!


We make magic from what others pass up: Senegal’s amazing array of edible treasures! We put local twists on popular international cuisine.

Latest News

Visiting Taaru Askan Farm

Succulence and Surprise at the Taaru Askan Farm in Senegal The first time I met Nicole, she was giggling with delight as she waved packets of organics seeds in front me. Imported from the USA. “You wouldn’t believe what will actually grow here!” she exclaimed, “we’re...

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Stay Cool with Sno Cones!

Abracadabra is back from summer vacation, and we've brought a cool surprise back with us: sno cones, the refreshing treat from the American South, otherwise known as Hawaiian Shaved Ice, Kakigōri, and granité glacé. With a beautiful, imported manual cast-iron machine,...

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Snow Cones Served


Made with Love

Mangos Peeled

Maggi Cubes Used